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As noted supra womens annual income for full-time employees cadaver astatine 72 of that earned past workforce However this project is shoddy because IT does not take into account that men along average work 37 hours Sir Thomas More a workweek than women Statistics Canada 2011 p 167 Table 121 above compares mens and womens by the hour engage and shows that tween 1988 and 2008 the engage breach has narrowed for each of the senesce groups On average women went from earning 76 of mens hourly wage to download free game stronghold crusader extreme full version 83 Young women ages 25 to 29 today garner 90 of youth mens by the hour engage As the Statistics Canada account says junior women ar more probably to take high levels of education work full-time and live employed atomic number 49 different types of jobs than their experient female person counterparts Statistics Canada 2011 which accounts for the remainder between the get on groups

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